Travel with a laptop–and kids? Don’t forget the HDMI cable.

by Shelly Rivoli
hdmi cable for travel with a laptop

So you’ve checked in to the hotel and the kids, in all of their excitement, have just finished jumping on the beds. One spots a remote control across the room and click! There it is, the ad for the completely kid-inappropriate movie you can pay to watch on the that enormous TV.

Changing channels may not help much. And every time the TV is turned off and then on again, it is somehow magically reset to the hotel’s promo channel, with all manner of reminders of what YOU…in the privacy of your hotel room…can pay to watch that evening. (The kids love how you jump every time it comes on.)

If you travel with a laptop, which many of us do these days (if not two, or even three in the case of our recent road trip overlapping with this summer’s Brain Chase challenge), don’t forget to bring along an HDMI cable. You can connect your laptop to the hotel’s TV and stream kid-appropriate movies and shows from your Netflix Watch Now, Amazon Instant Video, or other streaming service.

You may also be able enjoy the day’s vacation photos and videos on the big screen–and what kid doesn’t like to see himself on TV? It’s almost as much fun as watching mom leap across the hotel room to grab the remote.

Follow this link to shop for HDMI cables at Amazon (and thanks for supporting this site!).

Note: You may also be able to connect and stream from your tablet, but beware that some tablets have smaller HDMI ports than those on TVs.

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