Review of Merrell Siren Sport 2 women’s hiking shoes

by Shelly Rivoli
Merrell Siren Sport 2

Note: This is an independent review of Merrell Siren Sport 2, and as always all opinions are my own. I purchased the shoes on my own dime, though I get a small kick-back to help support this site if you click-through and purchase. Thank you!

I am in love with these lightweight hikers now, but it didn’t start out that way. At first it was hard to reconcile the sporty tennis-shoe-like appearance of the Merrell Siren Sport 2 with the rigid support I felt in the foot bed, which was more akin to my Asolo mountaineering boots than my springy Skechers Go Walk! sneakers.

Part of the problem was that they were so good looking, I wanted to wear them all the time—walking the dog on the concrete sidewalks, trips to the grocery store and the like. But after breaking them in around home for a while, my Siren Sport 2’s had their chance to shine. Here’s why I love them most, and you might too.

Review of Merrell Siren Sport 2 women's shoes for hiking


A closer look at Merrell Siren Sport 2:

Uneven, rocky terrain – It’s fantastic, especially in warm/hot weather, to have a lightweight, lower-cut shoe that offers the stability of a more heavyweight hiker (the secret is a molded nylon shank, rather than steel). My feet last longer on the trail without feeling every rock in it. If you’ll be hiking with a baby or toddler on your back, you’ll be especially appreciative of this lightweight, sturdy support.

Deep treads and sticky outsole help you keep up with the kids.

The deep treads and sticky outsole help you keep up with the kids.

Slippery surfaces – When you put your fingers to the tread, there is no denying it. The Vibram sole is “sticky,” which makes it all the better for clambering along the rocky seashore in search of sea life with the kids, and climbing misty waterfall pathways and steps. I’ve noticed the deep tread (4.5 mm lugs, to be exact) also digs into the muddy hillside to help ease the climb.

Custom foot fit – Although it’s a low-top shoe, the lacing system for these—which took me a while to get just right—helps the shoe hug the foot just right from toe-zone to top. In my case, my narrow feet often leave me sliding in hikers on the down-hill side, but thankfully I’m not having that issue with these.

Breathability – There’s no question, my feet breathe easy in these whether I’m hiking in a sock of cotton or wool, in warm weather or cold. Note: The Siren Sport 2 is also available in a waterproof version (labeled as WTPF), but I have not tried that model myself and can’t speak to its breathability.

Bottom line:

If you’re gearing up for an urban adventure, with hours on your feet on cement sidewalks and marble museum floors, for example, you may fare better with a springier shoe purpose-built for city treks (especially if you’ll be doing any amount of carrying children!). But as an all-purpose outdoor shoe, great for the campground and day hikes, you may find the Merrell Siren Sport 2 to be a perfect fit.

Buying tips:

Remember, you can order these shoes through and get free shipping & free returns if necessary. You may also find a good deal on these at, though shipping options will vary by seller.

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