Five Features to Ease Holiday Travel with Kids

by Shelly Rivoli
holiday travel with kids

It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest for U.S. travel, but did you hear that AAA predicts this Thanksgiving week will see the most travelers hit the road this week since Thanksgiving of 2005?

Five Features to Ease Holiday Travel with Kids

With so many travelers hitting the highways and many others heading to airports, train and bus depots, I thought it an especially good time to compile some helpful posts for those of you setting out this week–or any time this busy holiday season. Here are five features you may find helpful for as you gear up for holiday travel with kids.

1. Ten Things You Should Pack for a Road Trip with Kids

2. Tips for Travel with Kids of Every Temperament

3. How to Pack 1 Checked Bag for 3 Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)

4. Seven Ways to Ease “Re-Entry” After Your Next Family Vacation

5. Better than Screen Time: Three Alternatives for Family Road Trips

Want more help preparing for holiday travel with kids—especially kids under 5? Don’t miss the roundup at our sister site,, including helpful reminders, travel tips, and checklists:

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