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Great New Gadgets and Gear for the Traveling Family

by Troy Petenbrink
Heys' rolling kids carry-on, hard-sided suitcases.

More than 160,000 square feet of space (that’s nearly the size of three football fields) of the Las Vegas Convention Center was recently filled with exhibitors at the 2017 International Travel Goods Show. The annual show is when all the new and updated travel goods are introduced to the market. I had the pleasure—and exhausting job—of attending and finding some awesome gadgets and gear for the traveling family.

Door Knob Alarm by Travelon

The Travelon Door Knob Alarm

The Travelon Door Knob Alarm packs a lot of peace of mind for the traveling family (including those with explorative little ones who may be a naptime “flight risk”!).

As many families move away from traditional big brand hotels for option such as Airbnb and similar vacation rental services, they need to recognize that one of the amenities they might be giving up is security. There is a major incentive for hotels to keep their guests and their guests’ property safe . That’s why there are cameras, security guards, and timed door locks, things you will likely not find at Joe Schmoe’s rental.  This is where Travelon’s Door Knob Alarm becomes invaluable. It vibrates and alarms with a high-pitched noise when attached to a door that is touched or opened. Unlike similar devices on the market, Travelon’s alarm includes a small flexible band to help secure the alarm regardless of the style of door handle.

Where to find it: Visit Travelon’s website to learn more about the Travelon Door Knob Alarm.

e-Motion Kids Collection by Heys

 Heys' rolling kids carry-on, hard-sided suitcases.

Express yourself–and save your parents a checked bag fee with Heys’ rolling kids carry-on, hard-sided suitcases.

There was a time when kids luggage was more a novelty item – something that helped little ones feel just like their moms and dads but lacked any real usefulness. However, as parents seek to avoid escalating checked baggage fees, there is a good reason to take advantage of available free carry on options  Welcome high quality kids luggage. Manufactures are now making kids luggage of the same quality as their adult counterparts – but with good kid appeal. Hence, Heys’ new e-Motion Kids Collection that showcases various emoji faces. It will be available in May and join the luggage company’s other kid-friendly themes, such as Barbie, Marvel, and Despicable Me.

Where to find it: Click here to see Heys’ many kid-friendly luggage options available on Amazon (e-Motion emoji series available May 2017).

Noir Herringbone Classic by Bark n Bag

The Bark n Bag for easy travel with pets

The Bark n Bag for easy travel with the four-legged member of the family.

Pets are part of many families and the desire to include them when traveling is strong. Research finds that 60 percent or more of pet owners have traveled with their pet. Bark n Bag has been around for more than a decade designing carriers with innovative design. The new Noir Herringbone Classic is a clear combination of its learning. Available in two sizes, the carrier has a lightweight herringbone nylon shell with fur-friendly mesh on three sides for ventilation. There are also adjustable shoulder straps for carrying, additional straps to help secure it to a car’s seat belts, and a machine washable quilted interior pad. When not in use, it folds completely flat for easy storage.

Where to find it: See more photos of the Noir Herringbone Classic and other Bark n Bag carriers on Amazon.

USB Charger by SKROSS

Limited outlets no longer a problem. Charge a family's worth of devices from one outlet with help from KSKROSS>

Limited outlets are no longer a problem. Charge a family’s worth of devices from one outlet with help from SKROSS.

All those electronic devices—from smart phones to portable gaming systems—that keep us connected and entertained while traveling need to be powered up. Unfortunately, the hunt for available outlets to charge multiple devices at an airport or other location while traveling can become a scavenger hunt for many families. SKROSS’s new USB chargers are perfect for charging multiple items using just one outlet. They offer chargers to accommodate specific countries (US, UK, and Euro) as well as a charger that can be adapted to work in nearly every country.

Where to find it: See all of the USB chargers by SKROSS on Amazon.

Neck Pillows from Critter Piller

Creature comforts for little travelers with the Critter Piller.

Creature comforts for little travelers with the Critter Piller.

Neck pillows can be great for helping travelers get restful sleep while traveling.  And while there is a huge market for adult-sized neck pillows, options for children—especially smaller children—are more limited.  Critter Piller makes kids the priority with its animal-shaped neck pillows. The Feather-soft microfiber filling (made from recycled materials like water bottles) shapes nicely to little necks.  Recently named the best neck pillow brand for kids by Travel + Leisure, Critter Piller introduced a bunch of new animals to its collection for 2017 and now offers more than two-dozen different designs.

Where to find it: See all of the available designs on Amazon.

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