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Family Travel 411 Takes Two Bronze Awards!

Family Travel 411 Takes Two Bronze Awards!

When I think back on the nail-biting months leading up to the launch of this site late last May, all of the theme customizations gone wrong, the resizing and resizing of photos, grappling with site speed, and the many times I had to ask myself, “What are you thinking starting a second family travel site? Is this really something you should be taking on?” well, I can now look back with a big sigh and say…it’s off to a pretty good start!

In case you didn’t hear the recent whooping and hollering from the rooftops, there was some great news announced regarding Family Travel 411. Two different articles published last year received Bronze Awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association—and a third was listed as a Finalist!

Awards went to… On Safari in Sonoma (Bronze, Luxury & Leisure Travel) and One Night in the African Tent Camp (Bronze, Intergenerational/Family Travel), and honors went to Jurassic Pilgrimage (Finalist, Historical/Hobby Travel). My Travels with Baby guidebook also received the NATJA Gold Award in guidebooks!

Thank you so much to you earliest subscribers and supporters of this site, and to my wonderful colleagues who already gave generously of their wisdom, tips and photographs in the 411 destination posts so far:

 – The 411 on Juneau with Kids

 – The 411 on Stockholm with Kids

 – The 411 on Chiang Mai with Kids

Stay tuned for more insightful 411 destination posts to come, along with tales of family adventures and tips for planning your own. And if you haven’t already, click here to subscribe for updates to Family Travel 411. And please show your support with a “Like” on the Family Travel 411 Facebook page or follow on Twitter.


Shelly Rivoli