Coastal Slovenia with Kids – Slovenia Family Travel Guide

by Melinda Crow

EUROPE, Coastal Slovenia with Kids – There’s a sense of anticipation when you visit Slovenia with kids, as if around every turn in the road there might be something yet more wondrous. From castles to caves (even castles within caves!), from white horses that leap to rocky shores jutting into the sea, Slovenia feels like a fairy tale come to life.

Having fallen under the rule of many, from Italians to Austrians to the Communism of the last century, the influence of all who passed here is unmistakable. Just look to the art, the architecture, and the food that you’ll enjoy during your stay. Today, Slovenians are proudly independent, while still embracing much of their heritage.

The country encompasses just under eight thousand square miles, making it about the size of New Jersey. The short, twenty-seven-mile coastline and the area just beyond it known as “the Karst” are easily accessible via flights into Koper and are a great region to begin your acquaintance with Slovenia.  As you plan your travels, here are 4 adventurous activities, 1 great place to stay, and 1 great place to eat while exploring coastal Slovenia with kids.

Slovenia with Kids


Activity 1: Descend into Skocjan Cave

Skocjan Cave, Slovenia.

Inside the entrance to Skocjan Cave, Slovenia.

The Karst region is named for the geological terrain made of grey limestone pitted by the percolation of water over the ages. As cracks form, the water works deeper into the ground, often leaving massive caverns in its wake. Two cave parks in the region are open to the public. Postojna is perhaps the most popular with tourists, but Skocjan comes with the opportunity to experience something found in few caves anywhere in the world.

Your first awareness of the river comes as a distant rumble, about a third of the way through your tour. The roar then builds as you continue along the trail until you can barely hear your guide as she points out the crumbling trails left by early explorers. The river rushes through the cave with such fierceness that the air surrounds you with the heavy mist it creates crashing over rocks as it makes its way deep into the darkness. Step carefully across the bridge suspended high above the rushing water. And as you do, just imagine what those first explorers must have experienced.

Travel Notes: Photography is not allowed inside the cave except at the exit. The river portion of the tour is far too wet for most cameras anyway. The ideal plan is to take a camera along for photos at the end and on the trails beyond the exit, but pack it inside a backpack that will protect it from the moisture while keeping your hands free for using the handrails as you traverse the trail.

The temperature is a chilly fifty degrees, so bring a jacket. There are multiple areas with stairs (all with handrails), and of course, the bridge, so keep in mind that this could be at the edge of your comfort zone. Website:


Activity 2: Prance Through Lipica Horse Park

carriage ride in the Karst.

Get carried away in your own fairy tale adventure with a carriage ride in the Karst.

If ever there was a place where fairy tale horses live in an idyllic place, this would be it. The breed of horses known as Lipizzaner sprang to life on this farm in the hills of Slovenia. The Archduke Charles purchased the estate from the Bishop of Trieste in 1580 with the sole purpose of creating a royal stud farm.

Today a visit to the farm can include watching special events in dressage and carriage driving, leisurely walks through the grounds, an educational hands-on and surprisingly high-tech museum, and even a ride in a carriage pulled by two of the beautiful white horses. Visits in the summer come with the added joy of seeing the spring babies with their mothers in the pastures–a treat for any vacation in Slovenia with kids. Website:


Activity 3: Hike, Hike, and Hike Some More

Hiking the donkey tail ridge, Slovenia.

Hiking Donkey’s Trail Along the Seca Ridge, Slovenia.

Outdoor activities are a way of life in Slovenia, with hiking leading the list. The coastal and Karst regions have trails for all abilities, including trails that connect coastal towns, trails that pass historic sites, and trails that simply bring you closer to nature.

A good start is a route called “Donkey’s Trail Along the Seca Ridge” with views of the sea. Complete details about the donkey trail and others in the region are at Enjoy the HinterlandWebsite:

 Tip: The PDF option on the website allows you to save the details of the trail on your smartphone before you leave home.


Activity 4: Splash in the Adriatic

Slovenia's coastline

A sample of Slovenia’s coastline.

Slovenia may have only a bit coastline, but its ties to the sea are strong. And as you’ll see, residents love spending time in the water. But don’t imagine long stretches of beach lined with palm trees here. As one resident put it, “Those tropical beaches all look the same. Here we have beaches with character.”

Beaches with character means pebbly beaches beneath rocky cliffs. And sometimes beaches that aren’t beaches at all, but merely wide concrete seawalls from which to enter the clear waters of the Adriatic. However, the water temperature in the summer averages in the lower seventy-degree range, making it quite comfortable. And don’t forget to bring masks and snorkels, particularly along the shore of the Strunjan Nature Preserve and at the Lighthouse Park in Izola, where there are plenty of fish to see. Website:


1 Great Place to Stay in Coastal Slovenia with Kids: Hotel Maestoso

Hotel Maestoso at the Lipica farm

Hotel Maestoso at the Lipica farm.

Maestoso” means in a majestic manner. It is also appropriately the name of one of the breeding lines of the Lipizzaner horses. The Hotel Maestoso at the Lipica farm is centrally located for exploring the region. Its calming country atmosphere makes an ideal base to return to after a day of exploring. Consider a package that includes admission to the interior of the park, with access to the museum and the stables.

Perhaps the biggest bonus for staying at the farm itself is the thundering return of the mares each evening. As their dinner hour approaches, the herd gallops from the fields where they graze to the barn. You can ask at the entrance of the park the approximate time and where to await the spectacle. Website:


1 Great Place to Eat: The Sidewalk Cafes of Izola

Cafe-hop al fresco in Italian-influenced Izola.

Cafe-hop al fresco in Italian-influenced Izola.

Izola is a tiny fishing village that retained a stronger Italian heritage than much of the region. You may even encounter locals speaking Italian here rather than Slovenian. Explore new foods and enjoy a few favorites at the sidewalk cafes of Izola, all in one afternoon. Lunch can be a leisurely, multi-course affair as you wander from one café to the next. Or find one with a selection everyone can agree on and spend time sampling shared portions. From meat and cheese starters, you can progress to briny anchovies in olive oil. Or perhaps squid? Then on to the pasta before a main course of fried or grilled fish. Most of these eateries will be family owned and operated so feel free to ask questions about unfamiliar foods.

Seafood primer: Small fish are a staple of the locals. They have many names and many methods of preparation and may be served filleted or whole. Tiny fish like anchovies or sardines would be eaten whole, including the bones. For anything larger than a sardine, just scrape the meat from the bones on your plate.


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Oh, I so want to visit Slovenia! This just pushed it up my bucket ist!

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Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea are high up on my list! Thanks for reminding me how incredibly beautiful it is there!

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